Drool Rockworm
Glowing Red

Drool Rockworm was a Cavewight from The First Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. He dwelt in Mount Thunder and there rediscovered the ancient Staff of Law which granted him power well beyond that possessed by ordinary Cavewights.

He is depicted as having long scrawny limbs, hands as huge as shovels a thin hunched torso and a head like a battering ram.

Role in the Covenant SeriesEdit

Lord Foul's BaneEdit

It was he, under the influence of Lord Foul's manipulation who first summoned Thomas Covenant to the Land after Foul taught him how to use the Staff. Drools glowing red eyes were some of the first things seen by Covenant upon reaching the Land. Foul states that if Covenant does not deliver the message he gives him to Prothall in Lord Foul's Bane then Drool would end up enthroned at Lord's Keep within two years.

He tests his power over the Staff bringing a rain storm from Gravin Threndor, Atiaran notices the wrongness of it. He then sends a group of Ur-Viles to kill the Wraiths of Andelain, though they are unsuccessful.

Throughout the first of The Unbeliever books, Rockworm is the most visible antagonist although even he is being manipulated by Foul.