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 Giants are a race of extremely long lived humanoids of unusual height and strength. Giants are known for their stone lore (similar to but not identical with that of the Stonedownors), their skill at seamanship, and their love of story-telling. A common Giantish interjection is, "Stone and Sea!" Giants are resistant to cold and cannot be harmed by ordinary fire (though it does pain them). In return for a favor performed for the mysterious Elohim long ago, the entire race of Giants are endowed with an innate ability to speak and understand all languages. The Giants' own language is very florid and verbose, and they find human speech to be rather curt and inexpressive. The Giants of the Land are sometimes called the Unhomed since they were separated from their homeland long ago. Although the Giants love children, they are not fertile as a people, and their numbers in the Land in the time of the First Chronicles have dwindled. Kevin Landwaster entrusted them with the first of his Seven Wards before the Ritual of Desecration. They sometimes refer to humans as Rockbrothers and Rocksisters, in honor of the ancient alliance they made with High Lord Damelon Giantfriend. Saltheart Foamfollower is a Giant

Sailing the WorldEdit

Their race vowed to sail the entire earth, and so created twenty ships the size of castles and two thousand Giants set forth. They sailed, losing three ships in half a generation.

One hundred Giants stayed with the Elohim, two hundred died in service at Bhrathair. Two ships became reefed and when the first giant children born on the ships were old enough to sail the remaining fifteen ships held council and their thoughts returned to home. The sea turned against them and five more ships perished with some Giants being rescued from an ice bound island, though their toils of surviving had stripped them of all their knowledge of Home. Eventually they arrived on the Land and became the Unhomed, giving up all hope of ever returning with only 1000 giants now remaining.