The Insequent are a mysterious race of people who dwell to the west of the Land. Each Insequent has a unique and very focused skill that can seem magical or superhuman. These skills range from invisibility, virtual invulnerability or even time travel. They have an almost dismissive disdain for the Haruchai and a bitter and long-standing rivalry with The Elohim, which has not yet been fully explained. They rarely reveal their true names, but prefer to be identified by their titles. So far only four Insequent have appeared in the stories: The Mahdoubt, the Harrow, the Theomach and the Ardent. A fifth, the Vizard, is referenced by several other characters, and a sixth--the Auriference--is mentioned briefly by the Ardent, although both the Vizard and the Auriference are believed to be deceased.

The Insequent first appear in Last Chronicles; where it is revealed that an Insequent played a key role in making the Haruchai the way that they are in terms of their unwavering loyalty and desire to prove themselves.

The Insequent are all very lorewise; at least in the area to which they devote themselves. They rarely if ever use their true names because if someone else knows their true name they gain power over the Insequent. Instead the Insequent use titles in the place of their true names.