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Kevin's Watch is a large column outcrop of rock on the Southron Range about 500ft high. It is roughly circular, and at the top it is surrounded by a parapet roughly three feet high. It is named after Kevin Landwaster who in legends was said to have stood here and saw all of the Land and its people.

After the Ritual of Desecration it became an area of ill omen and is often ignored by the people of Mithil Stonedown.


First Chronicles

It is upon the Watch that Thomas Covenant is first transported to the Land in Lord Foul's Bane after his brief encounter with Drool Rockworm and Lord Foul. There, he meets Lena; after he cuts himself several times while descending the column, she heals him with hurtloam.

Covenant is summoned there once again 47 years later in The Power that Preserves by Triock and Saltheart Foamfollower in desperation during Foul's unnatural winter.

Second Chronicles

In The Wounded Land, Thomas Covenant once again appears on the Watch after Foul summons him to the Land, this time alongside Linden Avery. They immediately notice the corona around the sun, but it is not until they descend the stairs and beneath the clouds that they first experience the Sunbane during a cycle of heavy rain. Not long after, they meet the Unfettered Nassic, father of Sunder.

Last Chronicles

After being summoned to the Land in The Runes of the Earth, Linden Avery finds herself atop Kevin's Watch. Here she meets Anele, son of Sunder and Hollian, who is fleeing the Masters: Haruchai who ward over the Land. After conversing with the madman, Linden uses wild magic to save Anele and herself after a caesure destroys the Watch. Among the wreckage, she meets Stave.



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