Roger Covenant
Thomas Covenant (Father)

Joan Covenant (Mother)

Elena (Half-Sister)
Era of the Masters

Roger Covenant is the son of Thomas Covenant and Joan Covenant.


Roger was separated from his father as an infant and raised by his grandparents.  As he grew up his mother became more unstable and she joined the Community of Retribution. He was also a part of the commune, he spent about a year among them, then his mother left the commune after she got possessed and left Roger with her parents. Roger then contacted Megan Roman about his father's will. He went to med school and then he worked in a butcher shop. Until he could inherit his father's things.

Role in the Covenant SeriesEdit

As the story begins Roger Covenant has reached twenty-one and has come to claim custody of his mother: custody which Linden refuses. To this setback Roger responds by kidnapping his mother at gunpoint. And when Linden goes to the hospital to deal with the aftermath of Roger's attack. Roger captures Jeremiah as well. Separately Linden and the police locate Roger, Joan and Jeremiah. But while Linden confronts Roger, Joan is struck by lightning and Roger opens fire on the police. In the ensuing fusillade, Linden, Roger, and Jeremiah are cut down. It appears that Jeremiah and Thomas Covenant have ridden into Revelstone, despite the voice of Thomas Covenant previously telling Linden to 'find me.' The behaviour and demeanour of her two loved ones arouse suspicion and doubt in Linden.

The Masters (haruchai) act as hosts whilst the group are in Revelstone. Avery seeks to wash away some of the effects of her adventures and "Kevin's Dirt" by bathing in the Earthpower-rich lake above Revelstone, called Glimmermere. It is there that the ever-conflicted Esmer informs Linden that she must be the "first to drink of the Earthblood".Linden returns to Revelstone and accomplishes her immediate goal of cutting off the Demondim's access to a fragment of the Illearth Stone, but shortly afterward she is transported thousands of years into the Land's past by the forms of Thomas Covenant and Jeremiah. Covenant reveals to Linden that he and Jeremiah plan to partake of the Earthblood in an attempt to thwart the dire plans of both Lord Foul and Kastenessen, the renegade Elohim. However the trio soon encounter a mysterious and knowledgeable character dubbed "the Theomach", a puissant figure who is a member of a learned race known as the Insequent. Linden is informed that she must be careful not to upset the Law of Time whilst journeying through this age. Linden and her companions encounter the Land's ancient hero, Berek Heartthew, the Lord-Fatherer, and his sorely depleted army. The Theomach guides Linden through this meeting, mindful that their presence in this time could have a profound effect on the Law of Time. It is during this meeting that the Theomach reveals the Seven Words of Power to Berek. The Insequent explains Avery's odd appearance and presence by dubbing her the first of the "Unfettered Ones", thus keeping the Law of Time intact. Berek senses Linden's White Gold ring, which turns out to be the Land's first encounter with the powerful alloy.Linden, Covenant and Jeremiah depart Berek's camp, leaving the Theomach behind to fulfill his chosen role as Berek's guide. Whilst Covenant and Jeremiah attempt to teleport the trio to Melenkurion Skyweir, the source of the Earthblood, Linden is separated from them, and finds herself lost amongst the ancient forest of Garroting Deep. Here she encounters an ancient race, the Viles. However in the midst of her revelation, Covenant and Jeremiah contrive to instigate a confrontation between the Viles and Garroting Deep's puissant Forestal, Caerroil Wildwood. During ensuing battle, Linden is reunited with her two companions, who hasten her towards Melenkurion Skyweir.

Covenant and Jeremiah transport Linden to the Skyweir throuh a series of spatial portals. On a plateau below the towering moutain, Jeremiah reveals the magic of his talent for constructs. Building a door shaped like a large wooden bo, he conveys himself, Covenant and Linden deep into Melenkurion Skyweir, to the hidden caves of the Earthblood.  Covenant is now ready to exert the Power of Command. But Linden drinks first, she then uses her Command to expose the secrets of her companions. At once the glamour is dispelled, Covenant  shows his true form: he is Roger Covenant and he despises all that his father loves. His right hand wields immense power: it is Kastenessen's, grafted onto him to give him magicks he does not naturally possess. On Jeremiah's back rides one of the croyel, a succbus that both feeds from and strengthens its host. Gloating, Roger explains that he and the croyel aspire to become gods when the Arch of Time falls. Bringing Linden into the past was an attempt to trick her into performing some action which would irretrievably violate the Land's history, thereby causing the Arch to crumble. A terrible battle follows, during which the Staff of Law turns black. Using her Staff and the Seven Words to draw on the EarthBlood, Linden forces Roger and her possessed son to retreat. While an earthquake splits Melenkurion Skyweir, however, Roger and Jermiah escape Linden and the past, leaving her stranded.

Roger next appeared with an army of Cavewights while Linden and her companions were heading to Andelain. In this encounter he was able to withstand the combined lore of both The Harrow and the Ur-Viles and Waynhim fighting wedges. Despite Roger's immense power he was almost killed in this battle after Linden summoned the sandgorgon Nom to her aid. Though Roger poured every iota of his scoria against the sandgorgons, he could not stop them. He was forced to retreat.

While Linden's companions are held enthralled by the wonders of the Viles' ancient abode, The Harrow leaves them to take Jeremiah for his own ambitious schemes. There, he confronts the croyel, which hides in one of Jeremiah's constructs, designed to conceal it from the Elohim (who had previously told Linden they were unable to free her son). Liand attacks it, and the croyel nearly kills him. The Harrow believes that due to this construct, the croyel will be unable to summon aid - meaning Roger (who was gifted one of the mad Elohim Kastenessen's hands, and therefore has some Elohim powers). However, the croyel surprises him by summoning skest instead, and the party are nearly overwhelmed. In desperation, Linden destroys the construct, which immediately allows Roger to transport himself to the fight, where he promptly murders The Harrow. Before Roger can claim the Staff and Ring, however, his father intervenes, battling against him with Loric's Krill. Through the Krill, Joan exerts her power to harm Covenant, and his hands are so badly burned that Linden is later forced to amputate his remaining fingertips. With Stave's aid against the croyel, Linden is able to combine forces with Covenant to force Roger to flee. At last Esmer arrives, with the Ur-viles and Waynhim, and prevents Roger from fleeing with Jeremiah. Covenant is able to capture the croyel using the Krill, and Esmer takes Roger and transports him away from the fight.

After a failed attempt by Linden to free Jeremiah from the croyel - during which the flames of Earthpower which she draws from the staff are tainted black, apparently permanently - the group are attacked by caesures, brought on by Joan's awareness of Linden's attempted use of wild magic. No less than six caesures assail the company, and in the chaos Anele touches the dirt and is possessed by Kastenessen; the mad Elohim immediately kills Liand in an effort to protect the croyel. After Linden quenches the caesures, the Giants and Stave construct a rocky cairn for the slain Stonedownor, whose lover Pahni is inconsolable. The devastated group is soon attacked again by Roger and an army of Cavewights. During the battle, Galt sacrifices himself to protect Anele, indicating an alteration in The Humbled's stance towards the menace of his Earthpower. Anele then uses Liand's Orcrest and sacrifices his life to both slay the croyel, and to transfer his innate Earthpower, and heritage as the "Last hope of the Land", into Jeremiah. During the battle, Esmer arrives in yet another attempt to betray Linden for Kastenessen, but is pursued by the ur-Viles, who at last reveal the purpose of the manacles they forged: they capture Esmer with them, restraining his power and freeing the wild magic to act. Infuriated by the loss of Anele and Galt, and exalted by the rescue of her son, Linden wields the white gold and utterly routs Roger and his Cavewights.