The Seven Words of Power are the true language of the Earth, used to invoke the earthpower in a multitude of ways. Aside from the Elohim, few beings have ever learned all seven and their meanings.


High Lord Berek was the first of the mortal men to discover the seven words, on the slopes of Gravin Threndor. Cut off from his men, wounded, and pursued by the King and his army, he desperately called out for help, pledging himself to whomever answered. The earthpower within the mountain responded, and gave him the seven words for a brief time, invoking the Fire-Lions, routing his enemy.

For a long time after, Lord Berek could not recall the words, they came only to him faintly in his dreams. But the earthpower within him was awoken, and he became perceptive to the life of the Land. While fighting the King's army back into the south, he encountered and met The Theomach, who offered him aid and tutorage. As proof of his good will and honesty, The Theomach spoke the seven words and revealed their meanings. Melenkurion abatha, Duroc minas mil. Harad khabaal.


Each word a separate meaning, to invoke the earth power.

Melenkurion, signifies a bastion or a source.

Abatha, signifies the need for endurance.

Duroc, represents the literal Earthpower, such as the fire of the Staff of Law, or light of the orcrest

Minas, represents Earthpower as a foundation, the living essence in all things.

Mill, signifies invocation.

Harad, signifies a stricture against selfishness, tyranny, malice, and other forms of despair. It prevents the speaker from using Earthpower to harm the munificence of creation.

Khabaal, represents an affirmation, or another incarnation of the sworn oath to serve the Land and Earthpower.

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