The Sunbane was a ruinous force in The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. Kept active by blood sacrifices to the Banefire by the corrupted Council of Lords, the Clave, in Revelstone, the Sunbane had four phases: Fertility, Pestilence, Drought and Rain.

Each phase was distinguished by a coloured corona around the sun, visible from sunrise. The Sunbane caused the life of the Land to wither both due to to the unnatural weather patterns and the continued lies of the Clave and their belief that the blood sacrifices they made where weakening the Sunbane. Thomas Covenant, Linden Avery and a sandgorgon named Nom finally ended the Banefire with a channel from Furl Falls directly into the Close room. Also, it should be noted that Covenant burned the poison of the Raver Malachai from his system with a caamora ritual from the Banefire.