The One Tree - 1982
Title The One Tree
Author Stephen R. Donaldson
Published March 12, 1982
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Binding Hardcover
Pages 475
ISBN ISBN 0-3452-9898-5
Series The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
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The One Tree is the second book in The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant trilogy.
"Thomas Covenant, accompanied by Linden Avery, begins his search for the One Tree aboard the giantship Starfare's Gem. Armed with the knowledge given to him in Andelain by his trusted friend, the Forestal Hile Troy, Covenant was determined to succeed. He was the last hope for the salvation of the Land. Only he had the power to forge a new Staff of Law and return to the Land to stop the encroaching desecration of the Sunbane and the bloody sacrificial rites of the Clave.

But fate decreed that the journey be long, arduous, and fraught with danger as Covenant and his companions are assailed by powerful forces whose sole purpose is to ensure the failure of their quest."


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