The Unhomed are a race of Sea-faring people Giants who gave themselves the name Unhomed because they had lost the navigational ability to return to their homeland. They resided in Coercri.


Era of the Old LordsEdit

Upon reaching the Land for the first time they gave up all hope of returning Home. They started the tradition of always having three ships at sea in search of their Home. There legends say of how the Creator cleansed rains and created a Rainbow in the sky to show them they would finally find their way home.

Kevin Landwaster bestows them with the First Ward to safeguard before he committed the Ritual of Desecration.

Era of the DesolationEdit

Saltheart Foamfollower was born aboard a Giant ship during this time.

Era of the New LordsEdit

They were re-found by people again when humans ventured once more through Giant Woods. The Giants journeyed the Land telling Kevin Landwaster's story to all Stonedowns and Woodhelvens.

They were greeted by Damelon Giantfriend. Damelon saw promise in his Lore giving the Giants hope. They swore fealty to the Lords and made Seareach there home.

They built Revelstone for Damelon Giantfriend, giving to him the First Ward.